One of the biggest regrets newly-married couples have is not hiring a wedding videographer to capture their special day. Video captures all the things you don't get to see throughout the day and in a year, it makes for a great anniversary date. Before going out to celebrate or after coming home from a night out, sit down together and watch a recap from your special day. 

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4 Hours Coverage (half day)

Depending on what your wedding day schedule looks like, the videographer can be with you during the time you and the groom are getting ready to the beginning of the reception. If you need more reception, and want to skip over the getting ready part, that works too! 



8 Hours Coverage

Don’t worry about picking and choosing between the events your videographer should cover. The videographer will be there with you through the whole process from getting ready with your bridesmaid, to tearing it up on the dance floor. 



12 Hours Coverage + Interviews

Include your love story by sitting down before the wedding for an interview session with the videographer. Ask your parents, best man and maid of honor to get involved! This package offers a unique way for couples to look back at their wedding on big anniversary years. 


Included in every package, couples receive a full-length production film, 5-12+ minutes.


Raw ceremony footage is available upon request at no extra charge. Finer Details Artistry likes to remind couples that the full raw footage (depending on size and location of the wedding) might have areas where the guests are standing in the way of the camera. It is not the videographer's responsibility to ensure that guests are not impeding the view of the camera. 


Finer Details Artistry prides itself on customization of its packages. I offer a variety of pre-made packages, but if I don't have something that fits what you are looking for, I do my best to put something together that works for both parties. Contact me with any further questions!


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