When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

With a heavy heart, I am reflecting on my time with the Evergreen Media team this last year. My last semester of college at Black Hills State University is beginning in less than a month, and I will have to be in Spearfish everyday for classes. That being said, I decided to resign from my position with Evergreen Media and begin the next chapter of my life.

During my time at Evergreen Media, I was able to expand my knowledge and skills in everything I strive to continue professionally - writing, photography, and videography. My title was communications intern. I was tasked with writing for print and online, vlogging a series of hikes and client testimonials, setting up and shooting subjects for articles, and producing ideas for several publications.

Black Hills Bride

As someone who is engaged to be married, I found writing for Black Hills Bride to be both beneficial and very entertaining. Not only was I able to prepare myself for what is to come, I spoke with professionals who have been in the wedding profession for years and shared their advice with other couples in my situation.

Drawing from personal experience, several articles were written from my perspective. For example, I started my internship with Evergreen as Isaac and I were moving in together for the first time last summer. That experience was certainly interesting and raised a lot conversation between the both of us. It's hard to go from living a separate life to combining everything - including habits, so one of the first articles I thought to write for the publication was a guide to moving in together (see below).


Here are some articles I wrote that I am most proud of.

You’re married – congratulations! This is one of the most exciting times in your life, but the role of military wife is challenging (and often thankless).

As a military spouse there are challenges the two of you will face; these include moving, deployments and reintegration, on top of adjusting to everyday life. Ellsworth Air Force Base offers resources and initiatives that have greatly improved community morale.

It’s the little extras that will help your guests remember your special evening. Unfortunately, many of these popular celebrations are harmful to the environment. There are several biodegradable, eco-friendly alternatives to choose from while participating in the festivities throughout the evening.

Moving in together for the first time is an exciting step! However, this stage of the relationship can also be nerve-wracking and overwhelming. He left the toilet seat open (again!)... her hair is clogging the shower drain! ....Why didn’t he put the cap back on the toothpaste? .....What are all these bras hanging here for?

Your ceremony site and reception location will both hold special memories for you and your loved ones. It's important to design lighting that creates a beautiful mood and memory.

You might be told you need “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” on your wedding day, but have you ever considered something quaint? It can be nice to get away from the big weddings and turn toward something a little cozier and close-knit.

From start to finish, decorating for your wedding is something you want to be unique and tasteful. We sat down with Timeless Wedding and Event Rentals to talk about their favorite trends in décor.

Life gets really busy and before you know it your wedding day will sneak up on you! These tips will keep you organized while planning the big event. As soon as your friends and family hear the happy news, the questions start rolling. “When’s the big day!? Where’s it going to be? Do you have a theme already!?” Before you can make the big decisions, the two of you need to confirm a date. Selecting the date impacts other wedding choices including theme, dress style, venues, and more.

Black Hills Parent

While challenging, writing for Black Hills Parent taught me the importance of climbing into the shoes of the readers, getting second opinions and professional advice, and what to expect when I have kids in the future. As someone who

isn't a parent, I often found myself fact checking more and asking locals and even coworkers if what I was writing was even remotely close to the reality.

During my time at Evergreen, most of my work

was for the Black Hills Parent Magazine, and my portfolio has grown into quite the list. I kept a record of all my publications on my LinkedIn profile and watched as the number continued to rise past 100. It is so hard to choose just a few of my favorites, but here's the list of articles I am most proud of for the BHP magazine.


MakeSPACE  opened its doors in March 2019. “Since then, we have launched dozens of new programs related to arts, cycling, and community education, including several programs for kids,” Niklas says.

Black Hills professional Dr. Mark Perrenoud is a licensed psychologist at Psychological Associates of the Black Hills and sees mostly children and teens. Sitting down with him, he answers a few questions about disciplining kids in a modern society and whether time-outs really work. 

Who doesn’t love ice cream? For more than 25 years, ice cream has been a favorite for the Brummer family. Mike and Melva Brummer are parents to Tyler and Austin and grandparents to six children. Today, Austin and Mike are the father-son duo that runs Armadillos Ice Cream Shoppe on the corner of 2nd Street and Main in Rapid City. 

Fall has its own unique atmosphere that anyone can find appealing. Every single time you step out the door, it hits you like a brick wall. The smells flood in from the fresh wisps of crisp autumn air, and the color is warm and inviting. All five senses are filled in the fall.

Fresh scented candles, creative décor, and smiling faces will greet you as you step into the Freckled Fox. A hidden gem for sure, mother-daughter team Beth and Amanda Goetz opened this quaint boutique three years ago and have had a great response thus far. 

Interested in learning more about home births? An at-home birth can provide peace of mind for expecting parents. Cassie Applegate runs Appletree Midwifery, servicing the Black Hills and parts of Wyoming. With an office in the heart of Rapid City, Cassie is one of only two nurse midwives doing home births in South Dakota, and the only home birth nurse midwife in western South Dakota. 

Teresa Gonzalez is a mother of four, wife, nutrition enthusiast, and fitness coach at The Studio & Drop Juice Bar in Rapid City. After baby number four, nutrition became really important to Teresa.

While she may be new to the real estate business, MacKayla has something very few realtors in Rapid City do—she offers a rebate for heroes as a member of the Dupont Real Estate team. The program is called Homes for Heroes.

Abbott House has been a fixture in South Dakota for over 80 years. Founded as an orphanage in 1939 by a group of Mitchell citizens who wanted to provide disadvantaged children with stability, the private charity offers residential treatment services, therapeutic foster care, and independent living programs for

children aged seven to seventeen who have suffered physical and emotional trauma and abuse

If you’re reading this, you are searching for hot tips on how to sweat it out during summer while pregnant. Accompanied by a kaleidoscope of symptoms, pregnancy can be difficult on its own. The heat from the summer months can make many of those symptoms a bit more difficult.

Let’s face it; marriage isn’t easy. It’s no secret. But, marriage with children? That’s even tougher. 

Being a teacher is often challenging and thankless. Teachers join the education profession in hopes of making a difference or positive impact in someone’s life. Showing your appreciation as a parent or student is a great way to give back to them. Any token of gratitude is encouraging and priceless to an educator. Consider these options for your favorite teachers!

Every tree has a different shape, smell, and color. Is your family looking for a deep, rich, dark green; a blue-green; or a light green tree? Something cone-shaped or more triangular? The hunt for the perfect Christmas tree is a fun, family-friendly event, so grab everyone and load up the car.

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you or a loved one are expecting a new addition to the family. While exciting, this time can also be very intimidating. As a mom-to-be your body will be changing in more ways than one, and as a dad-to-be you might be asked to do more. Here are just a few of the things you can expect when you’re expecting. 

Black Hills Visitor

The publication I worked the least with was the Black Hills Visitor magazine. After the first summer of my internship and completing the 10 videos for different hiking trails, I grew to become more interested in the publication. However most of my time was divided between client work, Black Hills Bride, Black Hills Bride, and Impact Client Testimonials (you can view those here under "Work for Evergreen").

As previously mentioned, the biggest work I did for BHV was the 10-piece video series on different hikes in the Black Hills. It's crazy to think we barely even scraped the surface on the amount of trails! We covered the Skyline Wilderness Trail, Community Caves, Little Devil's Tower, Buzzards Roost, Waterfalls of Spearfish, Cathedral Spires, M Hill, Horse Thief Lake, the '76 Trail, and Black Elk Peak.

In terms of articles I wrote for the publication, I am most proud of the artist features (read the features I wrote for BHV on Bill Fleming and Susan Turnbull, Scott Jacobs, and Dick Termes) that I wrote this year. I enjoyed doing them so much, I started continuing them on my own time for my photojournalism portfolio and blog - get updates when a new one is posted by subscribing to my blog!

A few other articles I wrote for BHV include:

Some of the best memories are created around a campfire making s’mores or sharing ghost stories. Pass around the flashlight or play games like ladder ball, tag, hide-and-seek, and spend quality time with the whole family while camping. 

The Black Hills and all of Western South Dakota are home to more than 30 campground sites. From tent camping to RVs with running water and electricity or even cabins, be sure to put camping on your list of things to do this summer. Whether you’re looking for small secluded campgrounds or modern camping sites, there are plenty of options to choose from; we’ve listed a few below!

The kids are out of school. Flowers are in bloom, and the sun is finally out of hiding. After a long winter season everyone is ready for a vacation. While you and your family are planning your trip, Rapid City is a wonderful location to consider. It has tons of family-friendly events and activities that locals and travelers can participate in all summer long. Make time for some of these free family activities while you’re visiting

On average, Lead sees more than 80,000 visitors annually. It’s hard to narrow it down, but here are just five things to do when planning a visit. 

Did you know that Custer is the oldest town in the Black Hills? While you’re planning your visit to Custer, you will want to put some of these top stops on your travel agenda. 

Get your cowboy boots and concert shoes to kick back at Wild Bill Days. Walk in the footsteps of Calamity Jane or Wild Bill by exploring the historic main street shop or participate in family friendly fun from 10am-after midnight; pets are welcome, too! From gold panning to ice cream to country music artist Tracy Byrd himself, everyone who shows up finds something to enjoy.

In addition to the hiking videos, I also helped produce this short 30 second video on discovering the adventure that the Hills hold as well as a video on the lakes of the Black Hills.


In closing, I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work at Evergreen Media. The variety was so much fun, and I loved expanding my skills. While the majority of my time was dedicated toward internal publications, I also helped work on client photoshoots for Ascent Innovations, Kicks and Giggles, and several other clients. At the start of the pandemic, Impact Magazine had started a curbside project for clients to participate in. You can read more about my involvement with that project and what it was here.

I know that while this chapter is closing, another opportunity will arise in the future. Graduating in December, I will have many doors and windows to choose from.


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