Growing Up, I Wanted to Be...

A farmer.

I know, it sounds crazy, but when you grow up in the Midwest, almost everyone thinks about it once. 🤷‍♀️ Honestly, I was surrounded by farmers, and a lot of my friends grew up in farming families, so I thought that it was a great dream and goal.

That is until I started riding horses.

After that came along, I decided that I wanted to be a mounted police officer and chase after bad guys on my horse, Ivy. That dream didn't last long either though.

It wasn't until my freshman year in high school that I found my passion and interest in photography and journalism. Needing to fill a block in my schedule, I decided to try out the Digital Photography course. I picked up my first camera then, and I have no intentions of quitting anytime soon. I fell hard for the art of photography and journalism, and I can't wait to live out my dream.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, this month I only asked three people that I had already photographed in the past. The responses were:

Isaac Grassel

Member of the 82nd CST in Rapid City , Isaac says growing up he wanted to be a chemist. "Science and explosions have always intrigued me, and I ended up in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear sector," he explains.

Thérèse Wilhelmi

A senior studio art/graphic design major at Black Hills State University, Thérèse says, "I wanted to be a wedding planner. Then I watched too many episodes of the Bridezillas show, and I realized I didn't want to deal with actual brides. So instead, I thought wedding dress designing or cake decorating would be a good avenue. Then I realized there wasn't much of a market for that, so I went to school for psychology and art for a year-and-a-half. In the end, I decided I wanted to be an artist and mess with people's minds through my work."

Amanda Davis

A junior at Black Hills State University, Amanda says, "I wanted to be a teacher until high school where I participated in Mock Trial. I then decided I wanted to pursue law and become a lawyer. After going to school for a year with the intention of becoming a lawyer, I realized that I had a larger passion for teaching and found a school (BHSU) that would help me to pursue that dream."


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