K9 Keg Pull Gives Proceeds to Local Shelter in Lead

The annual K9 Keg Pull event held in historic Deadwood, S.D. raised money for the Twin City Animal Shelter Saturday, Jan. 25, 2020 while entertaining participants and spectators.

More than $500 was donated to the benefactor, Twin City Animal Shelter in Lead, S.D. The local shelter has always been the charity of choice according to Brittany Schoenfelder, marketing and events specialist for the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce.

“We are a dog-friendly community and want to be able to help and support our local shelter that is taking care of the local lost or homeless pet needs,” Schoenfelder said.

The event was open to anyone with a dog with four categories to enter: 25 pounds and under, 25-

50 pounds, 51-70 pounds, 71-100 pounds and over 100 pounds.

Each dog was harnessed to different size bottles or kegs and had to run through an uphill course packed with snow competing for the fastest time. Owners could encourage or tease their dogs with treats from the end or run with them through the course.

Log Cabin sponsored the event and provided kegs this year. The winners were: Ember, Mikota, Tucker, Cu(koo) and Kodabehr.

Chairman for Main Street Initiative, Louie Lalonde added, “This is a perfect location and an opportunity for people to come to Deadwood and stop at the square and spend the day with their dog.”

The remaining 40 percent of the funds went to the revitalization project for Historic Main Street.

The event coincided with the International Series of Champions Snocross Showdown as it does annually. The Snocross Showdown is one of Deadwood’s biggest winter events and takes place over two days.


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