Hobby Lobby Challenge

In January of 2018, a 22-year-old professional photographer started a new trend in teens across the states. Social Media feeds began filling up with floral photos, but you will never guess where they were taken!

Coming home for a week, my sister, Laura, and I decided that we were going to take up the challenge—the #HobbyLobbyChallenge. Taking your camera into the craft store turns into something you never could have imagined! This new trend has gone viral, and so many photographers have fallen in love with it. Most images stay within the floral section, an easy place to get tight head shots that look professional. However, Laura and I wanted to take it one step farther; we wanted to explore the whole store, looking through every aisle for a potential shot.

Inspired by another photographer and YouTuber, Kamri Noel, my sister and I decided that we wanted more than just flowers. So we explored Hobby Lobby, and gave it our all.

We used props, rearranged, used unique angles, and had a blast. Usually, when I walk into a Hobby Lobby I know exactly what I am going to get - I am in and out within half an hour. On this day, my sister and I spent three hours in the store chatting with employees and just having fun.

Since it started, the Hobby Lobby Challenge has been repeated hundreds of times, with so many impressive results. Some of the close-ups can be used as your senior portraits, others are just for memory lane.

Some images we just couldn’t resist! (Take a look at the one with the shark.)

I asked Laura to share a few words on the experience that we shared. She commented, “There were so many different photo opportunities, and we took on anything… It was a fun filled crazy time and I would definitely recommend it to all those wanting great photos! I look forward to doing it again in the future!”

Check out this Video of Kamri and Bailey that inspired my photoshoot with Laura!


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