Spring Break in Florida

It's not what you're thinking. I am sure of it. When you hear spring break in Florida, you probably think alcohol, beach parties, and lots of teenagers. For my roommate and I, it meant a week spent with my grandparents!

My family and I have always been really close, so for my sophomore year in college, I chose to purchase some plane tickets to visit some relatives. Grandma and Grandpa Soup (Campbell is their last name, but they quickly got the nickname of Soup instead 😊) loved the idea of a visit, and encouraged I bring a friend. Since Isaac couldn't come because of work conflicts, I asked my roommate, and soon to be best friend, to join me.

During the vacation, we travelled all over the state. We spent a day at the beaches on both sides and went to Tampa Bay's Busch Garden. When we weren't out and about, we went back to my grandparent's home in a small trailer park community filled with mostly retirees. You might ask yourself what a couple of college age kids do around a bunch of old folks. Well, that's an easy answer - play Mexican Train!

If you've never heard of Mexican Train, it's basically dominoes with a twist. It was actually quite enjoyable, and it is was mostly fun to hear the banter between all of the players. Interested in learning more? Follow this link to learn how to play the game!

Take a look at just a few of my favorite photos from the trip ⬇️

Story Time!

While our trip was amazing, getting there and back was definitely not easy!

Amanda, my roommate, lives in Minnesota. We thought it might be a nice idea to get tickets out of Minneapolis so we could drive to her house for a day and see her family.

Well if you know anything about South Dakota or Midwest weather, you know that there is still snow on the ground in March. Definitely something anyone should think about when planning a trip during the months of October-May. I'm not saying there's always snow, but there's definitely a chance for it.

Anyways, so we were driving on 90 westbound, and ended up in a bit of a car wreck. Everyone was okay, only minor scratches, but needless to say, we were out of a car.

Figuring out our options, it almost looked like our vacation plans were foiled. Luckily tho, with the help of both of our parents, we were able to get tickets to Florida for the Rapid City Airport and then back from Minnesota.

Moral of the Story: Drive slow on icy or snow-blown roads. Even if you think you're driving slow enough, you're probably not. 🤷🏼‍♀️


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