All Dolled Up

Like many around the country, Northeast Middle/High School cancelled their prom. That meant everyone who had bought their dresses, suits, or rented their tuxes was out of luck. Beautiful, floor-length, gowns were stuffed in the backs of closets or were just sitting, collecting dust. A constant reminder that seniors, would never have this opportunity again.

Trying to make light of the situation, my sister and her friend got dolled up and put up with me for an entire morning to dance in the street and take photos.

A little chilly, there was a slow breeze by the Mississippi while we strolled Eagle Point Park looking for the perfect locations. From the locally famous castle to lilac bushes, the stone bridge, and the adorable waterfall, we spent the better half of an hour or so snapping photos.

After the photo session, as an older sister, I offered to chauffeur the two around. We stopped for a quick sweet treat, and then I took them back home. There, they decided to make a full day of it by adding a supper, just like they would have done for the real prom event.

Driving them back into town and dropping them off at the Applebee's, I couldn't have been happier. The time alone, waiting for their supper to end, gave me time to reflect on how much my little sister has grown up.

It's hard to imagine her as anything other than the little carrot-head in a bee costume when she was only three or four. It's hard to imagine her as anything other than the spirited, fiery, little girl that yelled at her two elder siblings to be quiet so she could nap in peace. Hard to imagine her as an adult. My little sister is everything to me. I confide in her like a best friend.

When I got my first tattoo, she was the first to know.

When I went on my first official date, she heard all of the details first.

When I first told Isaac that I loved him, she was the first person I called.

When I had successes and failures, she was there to help celebrate, laugh or cry.

My little sister isn't so little anymore, and I couldn't be more proud of the young woman she has become. I cannot wait to see what she does in the future. I love you Laura.

"Together Forever.

Never apart.

Sometimes in distance, but never in heart."


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